SPD logisticS

Solutions in logistics & customs


Import and export of merchandise

We manage all the formalities, regulations, and logistics necessary to import and export your products.

1. Buy from anywhere in the world, receive at your home.
2. Export your products to Mexico.
3. We solve any aspect with customs.

Last Mile

Your shipments in the least possible time

Don't worry anymore about the delivery of your online sales, our last mile service takes care of everything!

1. We warehouse your products.
2. We package your products.
3. We ship your products to your customers.

Medical Devices

Buy and sell medical devices abroad

Access suppliers from all over the world. We take care of everything in compliance with the law.

Regulatory Affairs:
1. NOM.
3. FDA.


We receive your shipments from anywhere in the world

1. Bonded in USA.
2. Bonded Storage.
3. American Broker.
4. Mexican Custom.
5. Actual cancellation.
6. Crossborder.
7. Shipping to all Mexico.


We develop business strategies for your e.commerce.

We generate competitive advantages for our customers:

1. Fulfillment.
2. Inventory control.
3. Pick and pack.
4. Shipment to your customer.

International Business Development

We help your company to be global

We develop business between the USA, Mexico, and Europe.

We have a team of highly trained professionals committed to provide a quality and efficient delivery service. Likewise, we make sure that your product is delivered on time and in the best possible conditions.