Our Company

We are a foreign trade company legally established in Guadalajara with over thirty years of experience in importing and import consulting. We have offices in Laredo, Manzanillo and Lazaro Cardenas. We specialize in imports that due of their nature are very complex for their entry into Mexico such as sample products and packages. We have developed a system our customers trust that allows them to make their purchases abroad or in the U.S. so they can later send to Mexico.


    1. We have warehousing facilities in Laredo Texas where we receive goods from different carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. Our staff collects the goods on a daily basis and present them to a Mexican customs broker for clearance, pay the taxes listed, cross it and ship the package to its destination properly stamped with customs seal for safety.


    1. Thanks to the dedication of every member of our team, we have successfully integrated more than 70 national import companies and over 50 suppliers in the USA, Europe and China to which we provide  support to send their products to customers they in Mexico.


    1. We are an entrepreneurial company with over thirty years experience in international trade and every day we strive to improve our systems to provide you with a better service so you can have a piece of mind that your goods will arrive safe and on time.


    1. Our clients are large and small importing companies are constantly looking to grow their business.
    2. We provide them with an efficient service that helps them increase their sales and meet their customers’ demands.
    3. We are a legally constituted company with extensive experience in Import and Legal Assistance with the Mexican authorities.


    1. Problems people often face when importing to Mexico.
    2. Parcel importation or merchandise in small quantities has become complicated, to the extent of preventing anything water based, powder and products that are difficult to identify, mainly: medical products, chemicals, brand name clothing, training equipment, videogames, etc. despite being manufactured and free of sale in USA and Europe.
    3. As a result, we designed a foolproof system for importing small volumes of merchandise.
    4. From now on purchases you make in USA and Europe of any product that is freely and legally sold, with our help, they may enter Mexico. We can also import from China with our prior evaluation.
    5. If you have had problems importing your packages or samples, call us and we will give you advice at no cost.

Rest assured that we can help you with what you need.