• SPD Logistics

    1. Is the trademark of Consorcio Aduanal Widder SA de CV (RFC: CAW111028RM6)
    2. Founded in Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas, with tax residence in Guadalajara Jalisco, with subsidiaries in Manzanillo, Laredo TX, on process at Houston, TX, USA.
    3. Founder Mr. Horacio Avila, graduated from the UNAM 80-84, Degree in Administration and various specialties in Foreign Trade, Logistics and Business Consulting.
    4. Currently we manage warehouses and offices in Guadalajara, Laredo, Nuevo Laredo, Manzanillo and D.F.

  • Main Services

    1. Process and processing operations Import-Export by Customs of Laredo, Manzanillo, Guadalajara and Mexico City.
    2. Assessment, analysis and management of international business and foreign investment.
    3. Logistics Integration by air, sea and land transportation, NAFTA, nationwide and worldwide.
    4. Movement processes over-dimensioned load and exceptional services.
    5. Search, negotiation of products and suppliers of any goods.
    6. Permit Processing, Authorization and notices of Foreign Trade for compliance with non-tariff regulations.
    7. Solution and evaluation of special merchandise shipping (Consolidated and small import).

Our mixed system Import allows companies to acquire competitive advantage, only applies to merchandise low volume, weight and cost, mainly through land shipment and the northern border (previous evaluation).
Specialized import goods from Europe that has Certifications Community (In-Bond) and virtually all the NAFTA original products that has the specific regulations such as FDA, etc. In short, we are dedicated to RESOLVE:

  1. Improving logistics processes.
  2. Assessment of costs Import and Investment
  3. Supplier development and programming MRP (supply chain).

We hope to have the opportunity to greet you personally in order to attack areas of opportunity and improvement. Feel free if there is any doubt to call me or email me, thank you for the support.